Friday, November 18, 2011

Cuddle Me.

This is by far the best pillow I've ever made. Eat your heart out Home Ec. The project was done for my friend Melissa who was away from her awesome boyfriend for long periods of time. It took me a million years to complete because I thought I knew how to sew: however, applique was an entirely new experience. So I found the pillow case, took it apart, cut out the pieces, and realized I was in over my head. It would most likely still be sitting in a pile of scraps if my Aunt Brenda hadn't come along. In about a half an hour she introduced me to the applique process and I am forever indebted. The project cost was minimal. I rarely buy any fabrics, most of them are scraps people have given me, or extremely discounted. I'm all about working on a budget because I am broke as hell. Even if I wasn't, reusing ripped up old corduroys as mountains is very satisfying. The face was done with fabric markers. I'm still crossing my fingers and hoping it will make it through its first hand washing. This project was all kinds of fun, and I absolutely loved giving my friend a unique gift.

So this was the my very first blog. It has recently been brought to my attention that I need to be more tech savvy. Here's to trying new things! Next time I will have a few more photos of the process. Tag you're it KT.

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  1. How can I express the joy I feel every night when I lay down with my Russell....pillow! I love snuggling with my unique, handmade-with-love pillow! :) :) :)