Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bathroom Break

My in-laws are finishing up an awesome remodel on their home with the bathrooms being the last step. They are going to have a men's and a women's bathroom right next to each other, so my mother-in-law asked me to make door signs. She didn't want them to be super obvious by just saying "Men" and "Women," so we decided shoes would be cute. The general idea could be used in other areas too such as a girl's room or wherever you want! Just change the framed item to match the space/decor. Here is what I did:

I found a pair of frames at an antique mall with a picture inside that I didn't feel bad (at all) about ripping out. They were $6.95 each, which seemed pretty cheap since they are matted and everything.

For the men's room, I chose a boot and printed out a side view picture from the internet.

A heel was an obvious choice for the women's room. I found a silhouette and printed that as well. As you can see, my lazy way of stenciling the image onto my choice of paper is to go over and over the outline with a Sharpie until it bleeds through. Pretty inventive, huh...

I used a textured, corduroy type paper for the boot with a brown for the sole. I found some tiny gold rings in the jewelry section at Joann's (I have no idea what they're for), and glued them onto the paper. Then I poked holes through them and weaved in some thin ribbon for the shoestrings.

The heel was a lot more simple. At the end I added a black puff of tulle to the top to give it more detail. I wish this shoe were real and I had somewhere to wear it.

I bought a couple plastic mirror sheets and cool cut out paper. I glued the paper on top of the mirror, then the shoes on top of the paper, and closed it all up.



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